Friday, 28 October 2011

Halloween: Skulls and Brains

 Another one for the kids - reverse skulls, I suppose you could call them. With the gooey jelly part on the outside and a nest of bony skull tucked inside. These were so easy to make, but came out of frustration at trying to make white chocolate skulls, that just would not come out of the mould. Although I did improvise with the mould, using a Halloween skull decoration that I hacksawed in half! So it was on to the jelly which was a lot easier to prise from the depths of old skully's head. 

For the jelly, I use vegetarian jelly crystals, made by Just Wholefoods. You can find them in health food shops if you would like to avoid actual bones in your food, normally pigs or cows. Although this jelly doesn't have quite a depth of flavour as regular jelly so you could add some fruit squash, to enhance it. 

Just add boiling water to your jelly crystals, stir and pour into the moulds.

For the meringue, I use Delia's  method for perfect meringues, although with no caster sugar to hand, I substituted demerara sugar instead, which gave it a more caramel colour which was more authentically bone like I would say! 

When the skulls are set, scoop out a little of the brains part and fill with pieces of broken meringue. Really easy to do and looks great. 

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